Adventure and a teaching certificate

Adventure and a teaching certificate...

"I have been dealing with Global Teaching Adventures for 3 years now and they are by far the most friendly, efficient, and client focused recruitment agency that I have dealt with. I got to know them when I was looking for a career opportunity 3 years ago. I was truly impressed with their high level of professionalism, efficiency, and commitment in the service provided whilst still being able to relate to me in an utmost relaxed and friendly manner.

They had placed me at a great school in South Korea where I have taught for 2 years, and my time there has been hugely beneficial. I came to Thailand a few months ago to continue my teaching methods and to build upon the skills I have developed. I can now safely say that coming to Thailand has far surpassed my expectations. If you’re the type of person who loves to travel, meet new people, and experience new things with an open mind, then this is where you should be.

They are easy to work with, responsive, diligent, and willing to go the extra mile. They are incredibly efficient and extremely patient. They truly go above and beyond.

I would like to make this opportunity to express my gratitude for everything that they have done for me." - Ada Malherbe