…best summer of my life!

...best summer of my life!

"When I first decided to do this I was nervous. I had never been overseas on my own and I knew things were going to be very different. All this worry became a very distant memory as soon as I landed in Bangkok. I was picked up at the airport and at my hotel was introduced to Kevin, our program manager and Johna, our head trainer. By talking to Kevin, I could hear that he had a lot of experience in Asia and was passionate about sharing his experiences with us all. Jonah loves teaching and you can feel this just by looking at all the great pictures on the company Facebook page. I've been on other similar type programs and I enjoyed the "hands-on" approach that their team have with this program. I can feel that they really do care and go out of their way to make sure that everyone is comfortable. This trip has changed my life, I look at things differently and I can honestly say that I would NEVER of experienced these changes if I had not come on this trip. We spent some time in Thailand, then we went to Cambodia and are currently in our final stretch of the program (in Myanmar). I've seen things and had experiences that I know I will never be able to explain to my friends back home. It's forced me to step out of my comfort zone and just appreciate the small things in life. This trip has given me new found excitement and energy for life! It's also given me a few great ideas as to what I'd like to do in the future. My advice for anyone thinking of doing this - just do it. Don't pay attention to all the unnecessary fears you may have, just go ahead and book your flight. In a few short weeks you will look back and thank yourself." - Zoe Olm