Hearing the Sunshine

6 Responses

  1. Very enlightening video. I really liked how it was edited to show emotion. The landscapes there are so beautiful. Very inspiring!
    Allen Forsdick
    • I have been there. The landscapes ARE amazing. I cannot get enough of the area when I am there. You should try it out some time!
      Audrey Wright
  2. I could watch this video all day long! What an inspiring short movie and there is so much meaning in it. Thank you for post it!
    Martin Swindall
    • I was thinking the exact same thing. Watching this video really made me think. Love it!
      Stephen Wilson
  3. This video really hit home for me. I have been to the area and many of those sounds were really touching to me. I like this, it was very emotional. Thank you for sharing!
    Colby Glave
    • I felt the same emotions I think. Very touching video!
      Caroline Smith