How It All Started

Global Teaching Adventures: How it All Started

The story of Global Teaching Adventures begins in Thailand in the early 2000's when Kevin Meldau, first visited Thailand for holiday and fell completely in love with the country, the people, the culture, and the food. When it was time for him to go back home something inside of him just couldn't part with the 'Land of Smiles' and so he remained in Thailand and started living the dream. In the early 2000's Northern Thailand was still relatively unknown to foreign tourists. Traveling around the country was cheap and opportunities were amass.


Kevin and a group of friends learned about a volunteer teaching opportunity where they could exchange room and board for English lesson. They would often sleep on the floor in the schools and communicated what they could with monks that lived in the area since most of the areas they visited were very remote. They ate homemade Thai food and were welcomed with those famous Thai smiles. They hiked through mountains to temples or small, local schools where word of their English classes got out by word of mouth. What they initially thought would be several months turned into two years. Meeting new people and seeing the joy on the kids' faces were driving forces for Kevin to start to believe that this could be much more than just a volunteer opportunity, but this could be a way of life.

In order to create a more sustainable life for himself, Kevin, created his own company, Global Teaching Adventures, and began to offer paid teaching jobs to people from around the world. He flew back to his home country, South Africa, and started to give presentations on Thailand and what it's like to live as a teacher. When Kevin got his first person to sign up, Robert Simpson, he flew back to Thailand to get things ready for Robert. Since then, Global Teaching Adventures has kept growing and is one of Asia's premier teacher placement agencies and TESOL training companies with placement locations in Thailand, South Korea and China.

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- Johna Hunger

Getting blessed by a shaman at an opening ceremony. Ancient traditions survive in the rural areas where we work.

Getting blessed by a shaman

Richard Boyum from the U.S. Embassy's Regional English Language Office helping Terry lead a small-group activity.

Richard Boyum from the U.S. Embassy

4 Responses

  1. Very nice story. I always wondered how the entire things started for you. It looks like it was "love at first sight" and I felt the same way the first time I visited the area. I have not been back in about 5 years now, but have plans to get back soon!
    Lynn Lawrence
  2. WOW. Seems like such a great adventure to be on. The entire system that you have here is pretty great and it is so nice to see you helping others out with English.
    Baily Forde
  3. I appreciate what you are doing for the other countries. The story about how things got started is very inspiring. Good work and I am sure you feel fulfilled as well!
    Summer Tatum
  4. Great story. This is one that should be shared with every person that you meet. The adventure is very inspiring as others have mentioned and it is really great that we all get to be a part of it!
    Abby Folwer