Bank account and insurance

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Global Teaching Adventures will facilitate opening a bank account at Kasikorn Bank. Once you’ve arrived in Hua Hin, Global Teaching Adventures will collect all necessary documents to open the bank account. A Global Teaching Adventures representative will go to the bank and organize all the paperwork. Once this is done students can visit the bank, in their own time, to sign the necessary documentations.

Where to go?

The main Kasikorn Bank branch is on the second level of the Market Village Mall. The Market Village Mall is situated on the same street as Global Teaching Adventures' school, it is just further North (as you are looking out from the classroom it would be to the right). The bank and all of its ATM’s will be bright green, to remind you where to bank!

What to do

Upon arrival in Hua Hin Global Teaching Adventures will take all passports and necessary document to the bank in order to set-up your bank account. All you need to do is walk into the bank, say “Hello, I’m with Global Teaching Adventures”, and one of the staff members will assist you. In order to open your bank account they will need:

  • Your signature
  • 500 Baht deposit, this money will be immediately available to you as soon as you have your bankbook. The bank just need to show a opening balance when opening any account.
    Note : This in not money you are charged, you can draw it out of your bank account right away.

Your bankbook

In Thailand, your bankbook is much more important than the ATM card. If you lose your bankbook you will need to go to the police station and get an affidavit, then go back to the bank to get a new card. For all bank changes you will need to have your bankbook with you. Just going into the bank with your passport and ATM card is not good enough. The bankbook is also useful because all of your transactions will be kept track of inside (there is a machine that looks like an ATM outside of Kasikorn Bank, enter your bankbook into the machine and it will print any transactions in the book).

Available options:

ATM Card – 350 Baht for the ATM card

Getting an ATM card removes the need to go into the main branch to make a withdrawal, and reduces the fees associated with using other bank’s ATM’s. You can withdraw from any green ATM or Kasikorn Bank without paying any fees.

Medical insurance – 700 Baht for an entire year

The medical insurance offered through Kasikorn Bank is accident insurance. The coverage is 5,000 Baht per day up to 200,000 Baht total throughout the course of the year. It only covers accidents.

You do not need to pay anything upfront, just simply show your bank card and your hospital bills will be taken care of when you check out (providing your medical treatment falls under the coverage). Please see link below of hospitals that cover reserved medical expenses.

ATM card and medical insurance

If you want both the ATM card and the insurance, Kasikorn Bank has offered to only charge 700 Baht total. This reduces the price of the insurance to 350 Baht. It is a good deal, especially if you are renting a scooter, seeing as how anything can happen. Global Teaching Adventures strongly suggest you take out this insurance, even if you have insurance back home.

Visit the Kasikorn Bank website for more information about the bank account, medical insurance and to see list of hospitals that cover reserved medical expenses.