Itinerary Volunteer 3-week adventure

Your adventure will be structured and at the same time open to schedule changes. One of the things we pride ourselves on is giving you an authentic Thai experience, traveling like a local, eating like a local and embracing the adventure in the unplanned. Things are gong to change, people are going to be late, trains are going to be missed, embrace this ... and understand that this is the Asian way of life.

Sunday, June 4th

  • This is the start of your adventure! Breakfast is included with your hotel accommodation, so dig in and get ready to start discovering your new surroundings. We will meet around 9:00am on the fourth floor for orientation and your first Thai language lesson! Please bring a pencil / pen to take notes
  • Lunch break from 12:00 – 1:30
  • Now it is time to see some temples around Bangkok! Your travel expenses (BTS and boat ticket) are covered but bring extra cash for snacks, souvenirs, and shopping

Adventure Tip: Grab a free map at the BTS station and familiarize yourself with the stops, the Skytrain or MRT (the subway) will take you around the city for a few Baht and help you avoid the world famous Bangkok traffic. Your hotel is located at the Sala daeng (BTS) or Lumphini (MRT) but be sure to hop on the Sukhumvit line on the BTS to visit world renowned shopping areas and nightlife.

Monday, June 5th

  • We will begin again at 9:00am on the fourth floor to start the TESOL part of the orientation and discuss English camp details
  • Lunch break from 12:00 – 1:30
  • Finish English camp discussions for the day and work out details for the opening ceremony

Adventure Tip: Indulge in a Thai massage, about 350 Baht to help soothe sore muscles after a long flight.

Tuesday, June 6th

  • Today we will meet downstairs and do a work session/camp prep day at a coffee shop nearby. Please bring your laptops/tablets or a pencil and paper to work on your lesson plans
  • Lunch break from 12:00 – 1:30
  • We will meet at the hotel so you can collect materials for lesson preparation. You will have the rest of the afternoon to work on prepping your lessons for the next week. You can do this on your own in your rooms, at the coffee shop, or in the park; it is up to you.
  • Meet downstairs in the hotel at 7pm to head out for a night on the town! We will have our welcome dinner at the famous Khao San road. Your transportation to Khao San and the food will be covered but bring extra cash for drinks, shopping, and your taxi back to the hotel.

Adventure Tip: The noodle shop downstairs from your hotel has authentic Thai noodle dishes that are very popular with the locals. Be sure to try 'Bhamii hang' or 'Bhamii naam' (egg noodles without broth or egg noodles with broth). Next, walk across the street to the opening of a street market where you'll see a lady on the corner selling varieties of 'gaffe yen' or 'cha nom' (iced coffee or Thai milk tea), these cold treats will keep you going throughout the afternoon!

Wednesday, June 7th

  • Today will be a late start today and meet at 12:00pm
  • It's time for another Thai language lesson! Then we will break for lunch 2:00 – 3:00
  • A team member will check in with you to see the progress on your lesson plans and we will use the rest of the day to work on our opening ceremony and finish around 6pm

Adventure Tip: If you're feeling up to it, visit Lumphini Park for the work session and get to see some green space in the heart of this bustling city. It's about a 10 minute walk from your hotel.

Thursday, June 8th

  • We start again at 9:00 to continue practicing our opening ceremony. We'll take a 15 minute break to prepare for lesson demos
  • We will observe the lessons and give feedback to help prepare your for the upcoming camp
  • Lunch break from 12:00 – 1:30
  • We will meet for another Thai lesson and finish early today since we will get an early start tomorrow

Adventure Tip: Check out Siam Square where you can visit Siam Center and Siam Paragon to see how shopping gets done in Asia, there's usually a lot to see and you can easily spend two to three hours there without noticing it.

Friday, June 9th

  • Today we will travel to Ayutthaya. We will meet at 8:00am downstairs with all our luggage to make our way to the train station where will we get on a local train to travel to the countryside and leave the fast-paced city behind.
  • The train ride is about 1 hour. Once we get there you can check-in to your new accommodation and relax!
  • We will meet around 2:00 to visit the local school where we will do our English camp

Adventure Tip: We want to experience Thailand like a local so we are going to travel like a local, by train. It will be hot so be prepared with water and extra cash to buy snacks and drinks on the train from the vendors who hop on and off between stops.

Saturday, June 10th

  • Today will be an optional tour day around the ancient city. We will meet around 10:00am to rent motorbikes then take a couple hours to practice riding the bikes. If everyone feels comfortable then its off to the temples!
  • We will also take a ride by the elephant sanctuary where you can see retired elephants and even get to feed them!

Adventure Tip: Bring extra cash to enter the temples, some you can get by with just viewing them from the outside but there are definitely a few temples you'll want to visit. We will be stopping to see 'the face in the tree', a famous Buddhist sight revered by locals and tourists. Entrance to this temple will be covered.

Sunday, June 11th

  • This will be a totally free day! Ayutthaya is small enough to walk around but we recommend keeping the motorbikes to go off on your own adventures. Renting a bike costs between 150-200 Baht a day ($4-$5)

Adventure Tip: There's a well-known street among locals and tourists called “farang street” this is a great place to go for dinner, drinks, and wonderful live music!

Monday, June 12th to Friday, 16th

  • Monday is the first day of English Camp! Woohoo! It is going to be a long day but the main goal is to have fun, introduce yourself, and get to know the kids. Don't worry if the lessons don't go as planned, you can focus on them the rest of the week
  • Meet at the school by 8:30am and ready to go

Adventure Tip: Smile! A smile goes a long way in Thailand. Also, speak very slowly, this is key and give the students opportunities to repeat the vocabulary several times.

Saturday, June 17h

  • Today is a free day, enjoy your last day in Ayutthaya!

Adventure Tip: For 200 Baht ($5) you can do a boat tour around the city. It last about 2 hours and is a highlight! Be sure to leave plenty of space on your SD card for pictures.

Sunday, June 18th

  • We will make our way to the beach today, it will be a long, hot day but the travel will be so worth it!

Monday, June 19th

  • We are renting motorbikes today and we will offer an optional guided tour around the island on bikes

Adventure Tip: Stay hydrated and wear a lot of sunscreen, bring cash for the motorbike rental and your passport (it will be needed to make the rental).

Tuesday, June 20th to Friday, 23rd

  • Beach day!

Saturday, June 24th

  • Return to Bangkok for onward travel!

Remember: Take a card from the hotel. It's got a map if you get lost.
Enjoy your time, don't be afraid to go on your own adventure or ask questions, we're here to help!