Apostille in Canada

Apostille in Canada

Getting a criminal record check in Canada

  • The Canadian criminal record check for Korea is granted by RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Canada office in Ottawa. To apply for the criminal record check, you need to have your fingerprints taken on form C-216C at your local police station. A fee for the fingerprints check is sometimes required depending on the jurisdiction.
  • Mail your application to the following address: The Director - Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services, RCMP, NPS Bldg. 1200 Vanier Parkway, Ottawa ON KIA 0R2. The processing fee for the criminal record check in Canada is $25 CAN and payable to the “Receiver General for Canada” either by certified check or money order. Please note, credit card payments are not acceptable. NOTE: It is also possible to apply for a criminal record check from your local police station in Canada (cost $30 (Canadian), processing time 7 - 10 days, requiring - some form of ID including current address).

Once you have the Canadian criminal record check, it needs to be apostilled.

Getting an apostille in Canada

When documents are notarized in Canada for use abroad, documents must go through a process of “authentication” and “legalization” in order for them to be valid in the foreign jurisdiction. The combined process of “authentication” and “legalization” is the Canadian equivalent of “apostille certificates” issued in other countries that are signatories to The Hague Convention abolishing the requirement of legalization for foreign public documents (1961). As Canada did not sign this convention, notaries in Canada do not provide “apostille certificates”.

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