Who we are

Who we are

Global Teaching Adventures understands very well the rewards of cross-cultural experiences. Since its inception we began our adventure with a sense of giving back to those who have a desire to learn more. Global Teaching Adventures' directors were once volunteer teachers in Thailand and for more than six years, they traveled throughout the country with a group of like-minded college graduates stopping at one village after another to teach English to people of all ages and occupations, from monks to medical personnel. This original group of teachers was provided a small stipend to live on and often slept in cots in the schools. When they needed a break, they jetted to the islands, sleeping in makeshift cabins or tents on the beach.

At the time, volunteers in Thailand were scarce yet the need was great. English is a skill that can help lift people from poverty and open doors to opportunities that wouldn't exist without this knowledge. Thailand's largest source of income stems from tourism. Speaking English allows locals to take part in this sector of the economy.

The local people were very grateful to these teachers for their contribution. Realizing how much of an impact this experience had on them, and seeing how much Thai people valued learning English, in 2005 Kevin Meldau started Global Teaching Adventures to help others from around the world share in this adventure and began to give back to a country that had given them so many wonderful experiences and friendships. Global Teaching Adventures offers much more than just a TESOL course and job placement, we offer a truly life-changing adventure.

From paid teaching jobs to volunteering at local schools or orphanages, Global Teaching Adventures has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a career change or a vacation, we can help to facilitate this process. Our knowledgeable team has years of experience living and working in Asia and they are with you every step of the way.

"I'd like to think that Global Teaching Adventures has a strong sense of mission. We are committed to preparing our clients for an incredible adventure. Asia is a very class-oriented society in which if you are poor, there are few opportunities to move up in life. The one concrete path to the middle class for lower-income Asians is through learning to speak English. I tell all of our English teachers that they should feel proud to be teaching, something that is so important in helping to build more prosperous lives." - Kevin Meldau, Founder and Managing Director

our mission: to give clients the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful teachers, provide them with high quality job placement, and help to ease their transition into an entirely new culture and country