Justin Tapp

Account Manager, guitar player, and singer / songwriter come together in one complete package, we call, Justin Tapp. One of our newest team members, Justin brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to our small table. His law degree helps to keep us on the good side of the law with all the rules and regulations in South East Asia, and his passion for surfing helps him to keep a cool head. When he's not busy with his nose in a book or his feet on a board, he's Muay Thai'ing.

On most days people say that Justin is a likable guy, its hard not to be friends with him, and he is always up for a jam session on the beach in between classes. He may be the newest member of our team, but he has a wealth of working experience and shares our passion for travel and teaching. His dedication to constantly stepping up to the plate and giving his best work is an essential part of our success as a company.

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