Kevin Meldau

Kevin, the Founder and Managing Director has lived in Asia for over thirteen years and when he's not busy 'saving the world' through English language acquisition he is filling in at the local comedy club or keeping the TESOL course up to date and finding new and exciting Adventures for future teachers. Kevin is known around town for his sense of humor and dedication to creating a fun learning experience.

He is full of stories of his Adventures from around Asia and listening to them will get you excited and fired up to teach. On his days off, you'll either find Kevin scouting out new adventures or on the beach with a laptop. Kevin has over fifteen years of TESOL experience, teaching all ages, from kindergarten to university. He began as a volunteer teacher in Thailand and has developed a long standing, reputable relationship with schools around Southeast Asia. During his time volunteering, Kevin and the other volunteers, traveled through rural Thailand where they exchanged English lessons for room and board. The group grew to love the appreciation and admiration that came from the students. The love for Thailand, its people and its culture is what lead Kevin to start Global Teaching Adventures.

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