Marlene Meldau

Our Admin Manager, Marlene, began her early years in Zambia, but her family moved to South Africa at a young age. Marlene has spent most of her life there, she was able to spend a few months living in Thailand. Her love of exploring new cultures has landed her in Italy where she fell in love with the diversity of cultures in each new place she experienced. Marlene's wealth of knowledge comes from her experience working with a variety of companies, from big to small, she has done it all! Marlene explains her time with Global Teaching Adventures as β€œthe best job I have had, by far.”

For Marlene, her time in Thailand has taught her so much more then she ever imagined. When Marlene is not working tirelessly at the computer keeping our clients informed, she is interacting with the locals. Her love of gaining a greater understanding of the way Thai people live, allows her to view the importance of living simply. With a humble and down to earth manner, Marlene feels right at home in her new favorite place. While she is back in South Africa for the time being, we hope to see Marlene soon, chatting up our fellow Adventurers and passing on her positive perspective on life.

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