Summer in Thailand adventure

The Summer Paid Teach program allows you to have a summer abroad while getting paid! If you have teaching experience or a bachelor's degree you are eligible for this program. For two months you will become the lead English teacher in a Thai classroom. The first week we will conduct an orientation which includes a Thai language course and a Thai cooking class. Imagine your own apartment in Thailand, traveling to world class beaches, and visiting ancient temples on the weekends. Many of our Summer Paid teachers will use their earnings to also take trips to other countries on the weekend like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Teaching in Thailand is the adventure of a lifetime and what better way to visit this beautiful country than to getting paid to do it! There's nothing else like living in a place to gain an authentic experience. You will learn what it means to be Thai, make friends to last a lifetime and eat like a local. The students you meet will leave lasting impressions and you will gain professional experience working within the Thai school system.

For a detailed information on placement eligibility, highlights, and what is included, please click here.

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