Tucker Allen Covey

A self-proclaimed go-getter, Tucker, our visual journalist and photographer, is willing to follow through with any task. His main goal is to "tell the stories of those incapable of doing so." His genuine interest, passion, and talent for capturing a moment come together to create truly unique projects. Tucker likes a challenge and giving a modern spin on traditional ways of life so Asia is the perfect place for Tucker to put his skills to the test. With visits to ancient temples, rural schools, and diverse environments, we're excited to see what he will come up with this year.

When he's not hiding behind a camera or working on a computer screen like most millenials, Tucker is out finding his own adventures. Every adventure is a new learning experience. Having just joined our team this year, Tucker is sure to experience the unusual. If you are feeling inspired by the sights and adventures while traveling with us, then Tucker is the guy to turn your ideas into art!

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