Zoe Olm

A loving, selfless, caring, aspiring person who chose to become a life guard and water safety instructor instead of choosing to swim competitively after 11 years of training. This decision early in her life shows that Zoe is all heart. During her years as a swimming instructor Zoe had fallen in love with teaching, and with the beautiful beaches and various islands in Thailand, those swimming skills could certainly come in handy! Not only an experienced instructor and leader among young students, Zoe has mastered Mandarin, she's like a water ninja! A high school graduate of Morristown NJ, honor roll student and Mandarin National Honor society, Zoe is among our 'young and hip' staff members. She will pursue her college career at Lock Haven University in the fall of 2016 when she returns from Thailand to earn her degree in early childhood education/special ed. She hails from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, so you know she's tough and capable of overcoming obstacles. I mean come on, who's going to mess with a Jersey girl?

Over the last six years Zoe’s instructor and teaching skills have gained her valuable experience in planning, coordinating, communication, and decision-making. Zoe's passion is to use her skills through teaching by example as her students take their first stroke and or learn how to hold their breathe for the very first time. Zoe’s certifications include American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor, American Red Cross Lifeguard Training, First Aid -American Red Cross CPR and Blood Pathogens which give her the ability to ensure the safety of others. Our water ninja is a invaluable member of the team and we are safer and ready for anything with Zoe on our team!

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